Latest Past Events

The Magdalene Frequency: A day immersion into Womb Wisdom, The Rose Path & Embodying The Light

La Tierra Curativa 55 Glen Road, Ourimbah

Join Claire on this powerful one-day transmission - opening up to The Magdalene Frequency - through a journey of embodied transformation, inner attunement and vibrational alignment.
Together, you and an intimate circle of sisters will traverse the Magdalene teachings through Ancient Wisdom Technologies, Womb Work, Energetic Exploration, Light Language, Nature attunement, Rose Rituals and so much more.

The Magdalene Frequency has been designed as a deeply immersive, potent experience of self-healing, activation and awakening to the truth that heaven is right here on earth. You are soul made flesh - so we embrace and embody the Celestial and The Earthly through ancient ways, the frequency of light, cosmic connection with the the sacredness of earth, ceremony, ritual and our divine humanity.

$244 – $366

Shamanic Spirit – Monthly workshop

La Tierra Curativa 55 Glen Road, Ourimbah

Shamanic spirit offers a space for people to come together in ceremony and shamanic journeying  - with an intention to experience and enliven our connection to the spiritual world within and without. Providing a monthly space, open and accessible to all, to experience shamanic sacredness.


Resonance – Reiki, Meditation and Sound Healing

La Tierra Curativa 55 Glen Road, Ourimbah

When we come together to meditate, our frequencies come into Resonance, amplifying our energies and radiating them out into our lives.
Come on an 1.5 hour group journey featuring pranayama breath meditation and a combined sound journey and energy healing.
The sound healing is with crystal chakra singing bowls tuned to the earth frequency 432Hz, Koshi Chimes and the Medicine Drum. Allowing the sounds to clear and open the Chakras so your energy can flow freely and heal the mind, body and spirit.

The energy healing is with a combination of Reiki, Ashati, Seichem, and other modalities, by Andrew from Temple of the Soul.

No prior meditation experience necessary, just turn up and receive!