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La Tierra Curativa

Welcome to The Healing Land

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Come and stay at La Tierra Curativa in our Bell Tents amongst the bell birds.

About Us

Meet Andrew and Mel the co-creators of La Tierra Curativa and the caretakers of this sacred land.

Venue Hire

Looking for the perfect space for your workshop or Retreat? Come and visit and see whether our beautiful retreat space and permaculture farm is the place for you. Download our T&C's and check the booking calendar for availability.


Meet our community of amazing people who's unique offerings make our tribe of conscious creatives, healers and facilitators the perfect place to seek collaboration for your event or workshop.


Explore our favourite homegrown, homemade and carefully curated products and services.

Upcoming Events

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About Us

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Parallel Platforms

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Local Marketing

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Idea Collaboration

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Intellectual Capital

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Envisioned Multimedia

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